Education & Events

At Praelum, we strive to be an institution for a person’s wine journey. Be it an aspiring sommelier, a wine enthusiast or someone who doesn’t know what wine is made of, we are happy to share and educate.



Classes range from the exploring the basic varietals and regions to focused countries or regions for those who need a boost of knowledge.
You can see some of our basic classes here.

For Sommeliers and wine students, we offer WSETs and CMS friendly tasting flights for practice.
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For couples, groups, corporates or event planners needing curation, beverage planning advice or simply a casual educative event, we are here to assist.

Beginning from $50 per head, we can deliver a wine experience for celebrations, networking sessions, client appreciation or simply a lazy afternoon with your best buddies.

For other event or tasting enquiries, please contact us at